Shoeboys offers an elaborate full-service range of shoe furnishings. From shoe care products, insoles, and shoe laces to shoe trees and shoe accessories, Shoeboys products significantly extend the lifespan of your premium shoes.

Shoeboys – a broad range of shoe furnishings

Shoeboys is a German company that offers a full-service range of shoe furnishings. Shoe furnishings refers to all shoe-related accessories. Shoeboys carries shoe care products for protecting and cleaning women’s and men’s shoes. Their product range also includes insoles, footbeds, shoe laces, shoe trees, and shoe accessories. All of the company’s premium shoe furnishings have a distinctive, elegant appeal.


Over the past few decades shoe care standards, general knowledge about foot health, and the demand for shoe care products have all changed. Shoeboys has kept abreast of these developments and adjusted its offerings accordingly. After all, the times in which all shoes were made entirely of leather and shoe care meant a mixture of molasses and soot are long gone.

A focus on product development and reliance upon expertise

The Shoeboys range is produced in proprietary facilities, combining tradition and product innovation with a great deal of expertise. An insistence upon premium ingredients and substances, an emphasis upon continual development, and a finesse for anticipating trends make Shoeboys one of today’s foremost providers of shoe and leather care. Shoeboys offers all manner of quality shoe accessories.

Shoeboys products do a perfect job of maintaining your shoes—your feet will thank you.

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