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How to Put Shoes On

It is very easy to ensure the durability of premium men's shoes. To prevent your shoes from accruing damage and to increase their longevity, simply take care to gently put them on and take them off, using a shoehorn and your hand, respectively.

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Those who rely on quick and easy solutions usually do up their lace-up shoe a single time, and then never undo the laces. These men take off their shoes by dipping the toe of one shoe into the heel of the other and forcing their foot free. In order to put the shoes back on—with difficulty—they either use their pointer finger or a shoehorn. Aside from the fact that this method is damaging to all kinds of shoes (since this destroys the counter, which is vital for preserving the stability of the shoe, in addition to damaging the heel seam and wearing out the shaft), doing this is particularly detrimental to quality shoes and should generally be avoided, since it significantly curtails shoe lifespan.

Always use a shoehorn to put shoes on

To correctly put men's shoes on, you should start by loosening up the lacing a bit, then using a shoehorn to put the shoe on. There are countless types of shoehorns on the market. Whether you select one made of metal, wood or synthetic material, and whether it is long or short, are ultimately questions of personal preference. The only universally important details when it comes to shoehorns are stability, an ergonomic shape, and a lack of sharp edges.

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Never use force to take shoes off—always use your hands

Generally speaking, you should use your hands to take shoes off. Undo and loosen the lacing to protect the shoe and prevent the leather from unnecessarily stretching out. Next, remove the shoe from your foot with your hand. Those who experience pain when reaching towards their feet can use a bootjack to expedite the process. The bootjack should be unvarnished and should not have any sharp edges. Make sure to exercise extreme caution when using a bootjack—applying too much pressure when taking off the shoe may damage the counter.

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