Shoe Brushes

A sophisticated shoe care routine starts with the removing of dirt and ends with the final polishing. For both operations you will need shoe brushes. But not all shoe brushes are created equal. Choose the right shoe brush and it will be a faithful companion for a life.

Good Shoe Brushes will last a lifetime

Shoe brushes are numerous and confusing, meaning discerning men need to choose theirs with care. Using the wrong one could worsen the condition of your footwear. But find the right one and it will accompany you for a lifetime. Here you will find some helpful advice.


Today there are shoe brushes in all different sizes and with a variety of bristles. Natural hair versus synthetic. A wooden body versus a plastic handle. But fear not; finding the right shoe brush for your footwear is far from impossible. The most important consideration in purchasing a shoe brush is getting one suitable for the material your footwear is made of. Then make sure that you have the right brush for the right shoe care task. Using them correctly is the key to keeping a pair of shoes looking their best.

Firstly, shoe brushes made from synthetic fibres are the worst for your shoes. Whilst cheap, they will often prove useless in practice, because rubbing the brush over the leather will charge any dust in the air and suck it in to its bristles. Bristles in that state risk damaging your shoes.

Shoe Brushes: Natural beats synthetic

Leather is a natural product and that means it needs caring for with natural products, too. Soft and smooth horsehair for example removes dirt and mud gently from leather uppers. Hair from the cashmere goat meanwhile can produce rare shine that you will otherwise only get with a flamboyant water polishing. Shoe brushes are not all alike and much depends on the details.

Good shoe brushes, hand crafted with natural fibres and equipped with a wooden handle last a long time. That makes buying a quality shoe brush a great investment, because you only have to buy it once.

Three Shoe Brushes for ideal shoe care

Every shoe specialist knows the importance of having high-quality shoe brushes. Generally, experts recommend you use three different brushes for the best results. One shoe brush to remove the dust and grime from your footwear. Another for applying the shoe cream (a great alternative to a shoeshine cloth). And finally, the most important brush, for polishing the leather to a shine. A good polishing brush will make semi-gloss footwear, sleek and gleaming. Fans of suede or nubuck leather meanwhile will need an either a crepe rubber or brass brush to clean their delicate footwear. Both are perfect for maintaining the extraordinary leather surface, but should only be brushed in the direction of the grain. Proper brush selection and a good care will help you ensure the longest possible lifespan for your shoes.

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