Every person has their own unique beauty; every person’s skin has unique needs. Saicara’s sensual foot care products pamper, refresh, revive, and relax the skin of your feet with premium ingredients.

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Saicara – Wellness for your feet

Saicara has been providing foot care that appeals to all the senses since 1999. The Mainz-based company creates products to soothe strained and overworked feet.


Saicara: keep your feet in fighting shape

Over the course of our lifetimes, we walk a distance over twice the length of the Equator. Bearing that in mind, your feet deserve some attention. Proper care is indispensable to maintaining foot health and soothing strained or worn-out feet. Unfortunately feet are all too often neglected as other parts of the body receive far more attention. Saicara’s shoe care products give feet what they need.

A few minutes of daily attention suffice to keep your feet in mint condition. Proper foot care keeps feet feeling soft and smooth while simultaneously preventing infections such as athlete’s foot, which enter the body through tears in dry feet. Foot care restores moisture to the skin and keeps it elastic. Moisturized skin is stronger and better equipped to face the stressors of everyday life.

Saicara products pamper your skin

Saicara offers a range of foot care products for everyday use, including Foot Butter, Foot Balm, Foot Scrub, and Foot Massage Gel. The company also makes products with a relaxing effect, such as Body Fizzy Gel, Foot Bath Energy, Foot Fresh and Silk, and the Foot Bath Relax. Finally, products such as Foot Soft, Foot Repair, Foot Smooth, and Foot Sponge keep feet feeling soft.

Saicara’s comprehensive product range has everything you need to maintain foot health. Saicara foot care lets you relax and unwind as you treat your feet. The products contain a number of natural ingredients as well as various vitamin-rich oils and substances. Last but not least, each product is imbued with a delightful fragrance. Saicara – for healthy feet with a natural glow.

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