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Asterios Sakellaridis

Thessaloniki, Greece
Purchased shoes: No. 591

As I am really into buying high-quality, elegant and long-lasting shoes, I found out about from blogs, and since comments about it were excellent, I decided to try it myself.

My impression was very good. The homepage is extremely functional, informative, easy to use and helpful. I really like the fact that there is a big variety of styles, and a lot of information about everything.

The quality of shoes is high, the fit and shoe last are very comfortable and the size charts are very precise.

I am also satisfied with the level of customer service. My only suggestion is that I would prefer to see more loafer styles and more suede shoes.

Marco Volpato

Sydney, Australia
Purchased shoes: No. 361

I think the homepage is fine, although it could be simplified a little.

I cannot speak highly enough of your products. They’re top quality, and I have already recommended them to many others.

I really appreciated the great and friendly customer service coupled with an incredibly high-class product. Please continue building these personal relationships with each of your customers.

Keely McCullough

New York, USA
Purchased shoes: No. 591

A few years ago I ordered a pair of shoes for my boyfriend. My boyfriend had specifically picked out the shoes from your website and shown them to me. My overall experience with your company was tremendous and I would certainly do business with you again, as well as refer others to you.

I liked the homepage. It was easy to navigate and made purchasing easy. Your products are beautiful, and the shoes look brand new. He has been able to get a lot of wear out of them and says they are very comfortable.

I am completely satisfied with your level of customer service. From the beginning, your company was supportive of the language barrier and would translate automatic emails that I had received. Also, once the shoes arrived they did not fit and your company gladly helped us with the process of shipping them back for an exchange.

In my opinion, now that you have an English-language version of your website, I don't think there is anything you can do better.

Craig C.

Hong Kong, China
Purchased shoes: No. 591

I’m extremely pleased with the three pairs of shoes I ordered from, and especially so as this was the first time I have purchased shoes online.

I found out about after reading an online review. I then went to your website and thought the price including shipping was very good for the stated level of quality, and later proven when they finally arrived.

What particularly attracted me was the style of the shoes I purchased. I have had great trouble finding similar styles here in Hong Kong. I’m a fussy shoe buyer, and scratched my especially particular itch.

I love the shoes. They are extremely comfortable and wearing well. I love the feel of the shoes, and I also receive comments on how good they look.

The customer service was also impeccable.

Karsten Jasper

Purchased shoes: No. 730, No. 593, No. 594

The website is very innovative and modern. At the same time, it is neatly arranged and amazingly informative. Coming from a creative point of view, it is a straight A.

I am pleased, that the ordered shoes have exceeded all my expectations. Well-crafted, the shoes offer a great comfort at an affordable price.

Especially the fast delivery and the quality of shoes have filled me with enthusiasm. I would like to mention: Alone the package is stunning. Barely, I had opened the shoebox, when the pleasant scent of leather flowed out to me. Indescribably beautiful.

As a real shoe lover I visit the homepage regularly.

Christian Göler von Ravensburg

Purchased shoes: No. 530, 560, 392

You can feel, that is with the heart really into it – that is the way you present yourself and your products on the Internet.

To determine your right shoe size with the printable measure paper, is a great help.

The background information is really worth reading.

The quality of shoe has completely convinced me. They are really as good as they promise and that in the anonymous Internet.

Philipp H.

Bad Homburg,
Purchased shoes: No. 370, 561, 551, 560, 530

After the first impression I am more than convinced. I have already ordered another pair of shoes. The quality correlates to a higher price range.

A reasonable Wholecut (No. 370) you can otherwise find between 400 to 500€.

The delivery time and customer service are first-class.

Two shoe bags are more useful than a single big one – that way, the shoes will not come in direct contact.

Andreas Granzow

Purchased shoes: No. 543, 545

The website is more than pleasing. Especially the wealth of information caught my interest.

I took delivery of my new No. 545 in the Berlin store by myself and kept them on immediately. It is well crafted and the shoes are extremely comfortable.

The next pair of shoes, No. 543, was directly sent to me. Only one day after my order I got the package and the high-quality shoes.

From now on I am an official SHOEPASSION-fan. The quality of products and the service have really inspired me. Now I will rather pay a little more money for shoes instead of buying cheap shoes every six weeks again.

Philip von der Schulenburg

Purchased shoes: No. 560, 561

I am 100 per cent satisfied with my new pair of shoes – great quality, good manufacture and timeless beauty.

I have ordered the shoes on Monday. After a few hours I received a message that the shoes has been already shipped and would be delivered on the next day. A faster and less uncomplicated shipping is not possible.

I am really impressed of your service and the product and will recommend it to a friend, as I did before.

Roland S.

Purchased shoes: No. 542

The site is extremely appealing in the product presentation, the numerous detailed images and the shoe knowledge. All together shows that you are as enthusiastic about shoes as I am.

A company is only as successful as the service that it offers. In the “service desert” Germany, your service attracts the attention in a positive way. Both the contact via e-mail and telephone has been impeccable.

Christian Finke

Purchased shoes: No. 543

Before a few months the high-quality information on your website have got me first interested for the subject “men’s shoes” and are the best resource since today.

After only one afternoon processing time the goods are delivered today – in excellent condition.

The shoes fit in a special way that no other pair of shoes did before and you can feel the quality immediately.

Stefan B.

Purchased shoes: No. 340

The shoes boast soft leather and are obviously crafted with attention. Clear seams, clear punched leather parts and a beautiful finish.

Finally a German company, which offers high-quality Goodyear-welted shoes at an affordable price – a real alternative to British sellers.

There should be more contemporary shoes in your collection.

Hendrik H.

Purchased shoes: No. 540

A well structured website invites to make a purchase.

A very fast delivery, without any problems. is capable that I feel not comfortable in my old (normal) shoes anymore!

Wulf Link

Purchased shoes: No.551

The website is well designed, informative and valuable – without being ostentatious – with useful explications and noticeable “shoepassion”.

After I got my first pair of shoes and shoetrees, I think very high of the products. Graceful designs, that I only know from more expensive footwear. The fitting is excellent.

The shoe size measure cannot be illustrated at big printers. An explicit reference for the cm-table could be helpful.

Shop Award 2012

Shop Award 2012

The presentation of our Goodyear-welted shoes has also inspired a 7-headed expert jury of the journal “Internet World Business”. It rewarded with the “Shop Award” for the best product presentation 2012: “Illustrative product images (…) comprehensive product texts about the shoe and its manufacture (…) as well as shoe care advices provide more information than any inpatient shoe retailer.”

Shop Usability Award

The “Shop Usability Award” rewarded every year the most customer-friendly online shops of Germany. is one of ten nominees in the category “fashion”. The journal “Internet World Business” writes: “Shoepassion bet on the purchase of emotions. Name, shop design and product details are perfectly presented.”

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