Every tin can of Burgol shoe polish is emblazoned with a castle floating above the company name. This castle actually exists. It can be found in the Swiss municipality of Aarwangen. Burgol makes more than just shoe polishes. Their broad selection of shoe care products also includes premium shoe brushes.

Burgol shoe care


The name “Burgol” refers to the city of Burgdorf. The company packaged its shoe polishes in Switzerland until 2017, when production was outsourced to France.

Burgol shoe care: cleaning with natural substances

Burgol’s shoe care products consist primarily of natural substances. These are far more effective at treating premium shoe leather than their synthetic counterparts. This is for a simple reason: Shoe leather is made of an uneven network of individual collagen fibers. During the tanning process, these fibers are combined with one another, a process that continues when additional oils and fats are worked into the leather during finishing. The completed leather needs to be continually nourished with natural substances in order to maintain its natural supple texture and lasting durability. The natural ingredients found in Burgol shoe care products are perfect for this.

Burgol offers a broad selection of shoe care products

In addition to palm wax polish—which is available in 10 different colors—the Burgol product range includes dust and polishing brushes, hand-threaded fine polishing brushes made of goat and yak hair, leather sole protector, shoe cleaner, suede leather care, dubbin, and golf wax.

The shoe expert Helge Sternke has confirmed that a single can of Burgol shoe polish can be used to treat over 240 pairs of medium-size shoes. In other words, you get a great deal for your money. In Germany and Austria, Burgol shoe care has become a staple among all reputable bespoke shoemakers.

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