From the heart of coal mining country to the pinnacle of Germany’s shoe furnishing industry—Sprockhövel-based Bergal is the go-to source for superior insoles and premium shoe laces.

Bergal: Wellness for your feet

From the heart of the coal mining industry to the pinnacle of Germany’s shoe furnishing industry, Bergal, based in Sprockhövel, is the go-to brand for superior insoles and premium shoe laces.


Bergal numbers among the best-known and most richly traditional shoe furnishing companies in Germany. That being said, Bergal offers more than just shoe accessories. Based in Sprockhövel, the cradle of the coal mining industry, this company focuses primarily upon soles and foot comfort. In keeping with the motto “wellness for your feet,” Bergal offers practical insoles and other specialty items that support foot health. They also have a range of classic, stylish shoe laces.

Bergal’s proximity to mining facilities is partially reflected in their products. Activated charcoal makes their insoles particularly attractive to customers, since this ingredient prevents unpleasant smells from building up inside the shoe. Bergal has an insole for every purpose; their assortment of products includes insoles to treat improperly-fitting, tightly-squeezing, and insufficiently-lined shoes. Bergal’s insoles significantly increase wearing comfort and combat winter’s chill.

Bergal offers premium insoles and shoe laces

Moreover, Bergal also offers impressively high-quality shoe laces. Made with modern German braiding machines, Bergal shoe laces are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are in an entirely different league than the inexpensive, subpar shoe laces mass-produced in the Far East.

Bergal’s insoles and footbeds come in aesthetically pleasing new line packaging made of cardboard. As a matter of fact, Bergal has been setting standards for packaging design and environmental sustainability since the early 1990s. Their packaging additionally protects insoles from exposure to light, thereby ensuring lasting quality.

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